YaBB:: Administration Introduction


This section explains the Administrative features of YaBB. You should only read this section after you have installed your YaBB (or upgraded) and verified that it is working properly. The following explanations will help you get your board rolling!

There are many things that the admin can see that other members (even moderators) cannot see. This includes obvious access to the admin center, but there is a lot more! Administrators can directly modify any user profile (the << modify >> link will show up when viewing a member's profile). Also, the administrator privileges allow you to be able to directly delete or modify anyone's messages! Administrators can see ALL private categories on the forum and can see the IP (Internet Protocol) address of a member when viewing the posts. With this priviledge comes "power" -and- "responsibility". Use it wisely, and be careful, you don't want to annihalate a users account or data by way of accident or neglect, and you do not want to upset forum users by becoming power hungry.

Once there, you will see a lot of interesting things, such as the "Member Functions", "Forum Functions", "Forum Setup", and "Y1G Upgrade" sections. You'll also notice a list of totals for your Members, Messages, and Topics.

The options under each section are fairly self-explanatory. You might first want to click the first link under the "Y1G Upgrade" section. Hit back on your browser when it is finished, then click the second link under that section. Hit back on your browser again to go back to the Admin Center. It is highly recommended that you occasionally (once every week or two) click both of these links, to keep your board totals in tiptop shape!