YaBB:: Forum Setup


Well, that depends on what you are referring to. Ok, so you mean, "Is there only one administrator?" Initially, when YaBB is first installed, there is only ONE account by default, the "admin" account. This account is the "main" admin. When you click on the link to modify a person's profile, you have, as an Administrator, the ability to choose what membergroup he/she is in at the bottom of the profile. One of the options is "YaBB Administrator". YES, this means you can make someone else an administrator! This does not remove your status as the administrator; it is rather just a nice feature where you can give your best buddies the same privileges as you have! We advise you to use GREAT caution when choosing other administrators, as they have access to ALL of the settings of your board. As the "original" or "main" admin, there is one option you have that nobody else (even other admins have). In the membergroup dropdown box, when modifying a profile, there should be a blank line option. This allows you to take the membergroup completely off anyone, including other people you set as an administrator! That's a handy feature.

Many of the features/add-ons in YaBB can be turned off via the "Admin Center" or modified in Settings.pl.